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25 - 29 May 2018

James Russell – ‘Edward Bawden: Artist and Adventurer’

James Russell writes, ‘In a long and illustrious career Edward Bawden (1903 – 89) achieved renown as a painter, designer, illustrator and teacher, yet he remains an elusive figure. Today he is remembered for his spectacular linocuts and humorous illustrations, yet he was once feted as an innovative modern painter. During the 1930s he barely left his home in Great Bardfield, Essex, but in 1940 embarked on a remarkable career as a war artist, travelling solo around the Middle East. Post-war he made prints on an epic scale while illustrating numerous books with his habitual skill and humour, and today he is seen as a key 20th century figure by artists like Mark Hearld and Emily Sutton. As curator of a forthcoming Bawden Exhibition (summer 2018), I draw on in-depth research, archive material and more.’